Smith always appreciated food and lazing on

For the “The fresh new Universe Current,” Smith claims to Cent that he has a sis exactly who lifestyle with the Manhood Mountain, close by San Francisco’s Asia Town. This might be a sister to the his mom’s front side, a thriving Smith not known so you can other people, or perhaps good figurative aunt (friend towards the family?) otherwise anyone else totally-good sister maybe.

Smith likewise has a playing addiction. A look-the exact same to own Dr. Smith, the room outlaw and you can desperado Zeno from Casseopia, just after produced an unlawful visit to the planet earth. Smith wears a large ring toward their left hand. He also appeared to features his grandfather’s timepiece into your otherwise having your given that “The new Hesitant Stowaway” as much as “The area Primevals” where a beneficial caveman alien guard seized it from your.

Dr. Smith as well as recalls walking hand in hand as a result of nature’s wonderland for the nice weeks on earth however, he including claims to abhor character (“The great Vegetable Rebellion)-they helps make your sneeze (and then he does therefore in “Deadliest of one’s Types” and you will “The fresh Fantasy Monster” cliffhanger toward “The fresh Wonderful Boy” where Penny keeps vegetation close his nostrils).

Smith states was in fact your personal doctor, good psychologist, a doctor, an expert premium as well as a health care provider out of environment room mindset. The guy states enjoys understood a greatest United kingdom people get ready.

Smith are a tad bit more tolerant into the “There are Giants in the Earth” and you may “This new Starving Sea” even when nevertheless hoping brand new Robinsons would-be slain while they ventured over the world because of the lightning, earthquakes, creatures, deep freezes, and you will a lot of temperatures

Smith provided coaches apples as he was a student in level university, snitched towards the fellow university friends (such as for example Johnny Sorenson), played brand new ukulele (in which he familiar with cover up taken test documentation when in highschool and college), marketed stolen test answers to possess one hundred dollars, just after used a competitor shirt having a c involved, and you can a baseball cover.

Smith could have coached Nyc Dodger baseball player Sandy Koufax the fresh dipsy doodle put (which he professed he did so you’re able to Usually and you will Penny of the time of the cliffhanger before “Rocket to help you Planet”). Smith appeared to disdain the new regard to basketball during the “Insane Excitement” (“Oh yes, You to definitely.”). He together with professes getting been trained anything or a couple regarding the pitching out of Satchel Webpage, good Cleveland Indians baseball user that has struggle upwards in the group once the he was black (this is immediately after Jackie Robinson). Smith and mentions Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, and you may Girl Ruth. All this despite Smith claiming to hate sports when you look at the “Brand new Fatal Video game of Gamma six”-“it take a look thus suit.”

Yet ,, the guy warns him or her, maybe not just after however, twice, feeling maybe that he expected human company-the fresh new Robot was still rather technical and you may dullard-for example

Smith struck and may enjoys killed a protector into Jupiter 2 into the “The new Unwilling Stowaway” (regarding the brand-new software it absolutely was an excellent stun needle towards their band or some kind of poison), is actually quite selfish and evil-minded in most of “The fresh Unwilling Stowaway,” “The latest Derelict” (in which he kills or injures a number of the ripple aliens-which he seems disappointed having (somewhat) for the “Inmates from Area”), and you may “Island regarding Sky” (where was at their meanest-forcing Wear and you will Maureen so you’re able to dump John in the world, utilizing the Robot bbw hookup free in order to threaten to help you smash their skulls, and you can sabotaging not just John’s rockets but the Jupiter’s too). The guy performed lament being forced to overcome Tend to, a comparatively complement companion throughout this nightmare.

Following crash landing, he plots of land into the Robot, just who they have offered sales to check on their shelter all the time into hour, in order to eliminate all of the other people apart from Big Western. Once they learn what they needed to know regarding West, the guy, as well were to were eliminated.

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